It's Just A Tap Away

Sharing & building a network is just a tap away now with Wecard. A digital business card that transfers & automatically saves your contact effortlessly between devices with just a tap.


Be Globally Conected

It will help you to connect across the country in facile way and also helps individual & companies to make there impact world wide.

Easy To Share Contact

Wecard will allows all your contact information and every person who scans the tag will automatically save your information in the smartphone’s address book.

Establish Personal Connection

It manifest an induvial to start a communication with an unknown to build network and share there personal social accounts and contacts without any falter.

Let Your Card Speak

 If you are looking for ways to reduce overhead costs then one potential strategy is to make bulk purchases. We are here to take a large number of orders directly from the corporate companies for the smart business card to exchange the contacts and other information of employees because it pays to discover and let it speak for you. 


Our Card Templates

Let your business stand amongst the crowd with our unique card design. It has the potential to analyze real-time customer data.


How Wecard Works

Order From Wecard. Build Profile. Tap And Connect It

Seamless Communication Between Devices.

A contactless smart card is a credential whose dimensions are small in size and weightless carry. One never has to worry about forgetting their contacts and social accounts.  It helps at the place where lack of the right communication is mislaid and shall need to be delivered properly. At that time Wecard works for you. Just share your contacts by tapping the card with the phone for effective communication and helps to build and maintain relations.

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Wecard Features

Information technology is evolving at an amazing pace. With the latest data breaches, smart card technology is becoming more important than ever. It includes a key benefit & Hassle-free sharing of data.

Ease of use

Build a network from a distance with WeCard. You are just a tap away from networking with new people around you.All you need to do is tap, scan & save the contact.


WeCard can be as flexible as you want it to be. Make changes whenever you wish to with our WeCard. Just edit, modify and voila, it's updated!


WeCard is a digital business card that saves a lot of trees and eventually the environment. All you need is just one card that serves the purpose with a tap or scan.

Lifetime Asset

No more throwing & disposing business cards as WeCard brings a lifetime solution for the same. WeCard is made from premium quality and is a lifetime asset that can be used to build a network & contacts in the industry with a tap or scan.

Saves Money

Bid goodbye to those days when printing business cards in bulk was a task. WeCard is a one-time investment that shall bear fruits for your business in the future. Economical in its cost and useful in its purpose, WeCard is a must have.

iOS & Android Compatible

Doesn't matter which operating system the other person uses, our WeCard is easily compatible & programmed to function for both iOS and Android operating systems.

No App Required

No need to indulge in the hassle of downloading & installing any apps as Wecard is designed to function without an app. It's easy, it's flexible, it's just a tap away.

Secure & Safe

Your safety is our priority! WeCard is encrypted with security so in case of any loss or theft, you can easily contact us and get it blocked to keep your information safe and secure.

Improved Productivity

NFC improves the efficiency & productivity in the organization by generating more revenue as it potentially attracts more customers, which can be used for staff communication in the workplace and is suited for the broad range of industries.

Happy WeCard Users

We give the Best, We Receive the best. The right choice for a customer and here’s what our customers say's about Wecard.

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Join us as Reseller to get huge benefits. Let's work together as a team to get ahead in achieving your dreams because great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people. Start today with zero investment.  Explore more to get amassed assets to be a Reseller.


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Troubles With Wecard?

Facing trouble and you want to know more about Wecard then we are sharing some of the quick and valuable information to reduce your time and help you out for the best outcomes.

What is Wecard ?

Wecard is a digital business card that transfer all your contact details within seconds.

Does any application needs to use the Wecard?

No, not an single application is needed to use wecard.

Can I get card with my own company's logo?

Yes you can Wecard with your company logo

I need personal assistance, how may I get in touch with you?

We provide multiple avenues of communication to resolve your issues or answer your queries on our support page. Please choose how you would like to get in touch with us and we would be happy to provide you the personal assistance if you require.

What are the benefits of using Wecard?

No more paper card. Life time one card to store in wallet. Edit your infomation whenever you want

How does a Wecard work?

Wecard works on Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology for contactless exchange of contact data by a single tap.

How long does shipping take ?

Approximately 48 to 72 hours

Is there a limit to the number of taps or contacts shared?

You can do unlimited taps or contact share with wecard.

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